Zindgani (Older Asian Mens Group)

Zindgani is a group for older Asian men in Northampton aiming to improve physical and mental health, happiness and well being through socialising, friendship, activities and events

History of Zindgani

History of Zindgani

The Group was set up with an annual budget of 5K from National Lottery Grant and the name of Group was Asian Men Sports and Social Club. As the group started on self-managed basis the members have been involved in the decision making process from the offset. This philosophy was carried into our first AGM which was conducted on 23rd January 2001 in presence of Mr Robert Goulbourne from Northampton Borough Council.
LAUNCH: - The Asian Men Sports & Social Club started on 23rd March 2000 at
Emmanuel Church Sports Hall
Weston Favell Centre
10.00am till 12.30

History continued

Transport was negotiated with Dostiyo. Some 14 members gained access to this group by using supplied van. Social services provided lift van transport to one gentleman who was wheelchair bound. Starting membership were 42 including 18 disable members, from all religions. A membership form was drawn up to register any new members.
Our group is the first Asian Men Sports & Social Club in Northampton and we feel that not only the members, but also their families, their children and grand children together with surrounding communities benefit from the group.
Table Games
Exercise Bike & Tread Mill
Health Related Videos
Tea, coffee and biscuits
And lot more


Present membership is 107 including 49 disable members with the following breakdown.
Under 65 = 27
61 to 70 = 35
71 to 80 = 24
Over 80 = 21
VENUE: Emmanuel Church charge us at a special rate of £ 25.50 an hour for 3 hours, that is Pounds 191.25 per week - & pound 9562.50 per year.
The name of the group was changed to much shorter name at the AGM on 2005 which is Zindgani (Asian Men's Group)
We achieved charity status and the charity No. 1117699

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